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Ways To Enjoy Our Tea 

Teapot Brewing


Water: 500ml, 95-100°C

Tea Used: 7g

Infusion Time: Steep for 1-2 minute and immediately pour out every drops of tea, steeping the tea leaves for a pro-longed time is not recommended. Add 30 seconds to each consecutive brew.

Number of Infusion: 2-3 times

Tea Bag Drinking

Water: 200-300ml (depends on the cup), 85-100°C

Tea Used: 1 tea bag

Infusion Time:

1st brew: 2 minutes, take the tea bag out of the cup.
2nd brew: Around 5 minutes, again take the tea bag out of the cup.
3rd brew: More than 10 minutes, the tea bag can stay in the infusion.

Number of Infusion: 2-3 times

Professional Gai-Wan brewing

Water: 150-250ml (depends on the Gai-Wan), 95-100C

Tea Used: 5-7g

Infusion Time: After 10-15 seconds of pre-brew, the first brew will only take 20-30 seconds. On each consecutive brew, add 15 seconds to brewing time.

Number of Infusion: More than 6 times

Cold-Brew Tea


Water: 1000ml, 20°C (Room temperature)

Tea Used: 10g (Tea-to-Water Ratio=1:10)

Infusion Time: Brew for 2-4 hours , then remove tea leaves from tea. Served chilled for a cooling sensation during hot days